26 April 2024 By Nicolas

Exploring the Innovative World of Container Solution’s Modular Offices: A Blend of Practicality, Economy, and Customization

Containers Solutions: modular office solutions adapted to your needs

Containers Solutions is a company specializing in the design and production of modular offices, offering practical, economical and customizable solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent space, our modular offices are tailor-made according to your specifications and can be used both in France and abroad.

The structural lightness of our products allows for unrivaled delivery speed, thanks to our certified factories which guarantee the quality and conformity of each module. Our teams of experts support you throughout the process, from the initial study to final installation on site.

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Varied ranges to meet all your expectations

We offer two specific ranges to satisfy all budgets and all requirements:

  • Economic range: Focused on prefabricated solutions that are quick to install, this range offers excellent value for money for those looking for a simple and effective solution.
  • RE2020 premium range: compliant with RE2020 requirements, this range offers modern, designer and environmentally friendly options for those who wish to invest in a sustainable and aesthetic workspace.

Economical range: prefabricated solutions that are quick to install

Our economical range offers prefabricated modular offices, designed to be installed quickly and easily on your site. These modules are ideal for businesses that need temporary workspace or wish to expand their premises without undertaking major work. Thanks to their modular design, these offices can be arranged according to your needs and space constraints, thus offering a flexible and scalable solution.

The materials used in the manufacturing of our economical modular offices are carefully selected to ensure quality, durability and weather resistance. In addition, each module is equipped with the necessary installations (electricity, plumbing) to allow you to move in immediately after installation.

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RE2020 premium range: design, modernity and respect for the environment

For those looking for a high-end solution combining aesthetics and energy performance, our premium RE2020 range will meet all your expectations. Compliant with the requirements of the RE2020 label in terms of energy and environmental efficiency, these designer modular offices offer optimal comfort while reducing your carbon footprint.

Each module in the RE2020 premium range is designed with high-quality materials and equipment, thus guaranteeing optimal thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition, these modular offices are customizable according to your tastes and your needs in terms of interior design (floor coverings, choice of colors, etc.).

Tailor-made solutions for each project

At Containers Solutions, we believe that every business is unique and deserves a solution tailored to its specific needs. This is why our teams of experts work in close collaboration with you to establish precise specifications which will take into account all aspects of your project: desired dimensions, technical constraints of the site, available budget, etc.

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Our modular offices are then custom designed according to these specifications, thus guaranteeing a final product perfectly suited to your requirements. Thanks to our expertise in the modular field and our certified factories, we are able to quickly deliver your turnkey office.

Modular offices: a practical and economical solution for French and international companies

By choosing Containers Solutions for the realization of your modular office, you benefit not only from a tailor-made product adapted to your specific needs but also from an economical solution compared to traditional constructions. Our modules are prefabricated in the factory then assembled on site quickly without generating noise or visual nuisance.

In addition, our modular offices can be used both in France and abroad, thus offering an ideal solution for companies wishing to establish themselves abroad or extend their activity beyond borders. Whatever your geographical location, Containers Solutions is there to support you in carrying out your development and expansion projects.

Contact us now to learn more about our modular office solutions

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our ranges of modular offices and find out how we can help you make your development projects a reality. Our teams are available to answer all your questions and offer you a personalized quote according to your specific needs.